SQAAF Data Management Solution

The importance of Accreditations and Assessments of Educational Institutions is well known. But filing is still a tedious process and consumes a lot of time and resources. Luneblaze provides a Software as a Solution for storing and filing of various Accreditations like:
  • SQAAF Data Repository
  • Documentation & Filing Support
  • 1500+ Sample Documents of Policies, Plans, and Schedules.
  • Comprehensive Record Keeping of data related to Events, Activities, Competitions & Infra, etc.
Automate Now!!
The Automation Journey

Assessments and Accreditations Filing made SuperEasy

Storage of Non-Academic Activities

Domain wise storage of all the related data in the required format.

Filing Assistance

Format your data as per the Assessment Standards..

Mentoring and Guidance

24x7 support from experts and regular Sessions on improving the results in Assessments.


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