Why Accreditations?

Accreditations of educational institutions validate their adherence to established standards, ensuring quality and credibility. They provide a recognized framework for assessing competence, promoting continuous improvement, and enhancing global recognition. Some benefits of Accreditations are:
  • Eligibility for Government Aids
  • Quality Assurance
  • Credibility Among Stakeholders
  • Global Recognition
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Standardization of Education
Get Accredited

Inducing Quality into Education

Luneblaze provides Tech-based solutions to help educational institutions automate their Accreditations and Assessments like SQAAF for Schools and NAAC, NBA, and Nirf for Colleges. Accreditations filing is made easy by helping educational institutions through

Sample Document Frameworks

A repository of all required documents

Real-Time Record Keeping

For Events, Activities, Meetings, Competitions & Workshops etc.

Task Delegation & Tracking

Assigning of Tasks to different stakeholders for efficiency

24x7 Consultancy Support

A Virtual consultant for real-time Support for Queries

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