Unveiling the Seven Pillars of CBSE's SQAA Framework


As per the New Education Policy (NEP) quality education is a focus now, aligning with it CBSE has introduced SQAA (School Quality Assessment and Assurance) Framework to assess the Quality of education in schools.

SQAA Framework rests on the following 7 domains ensuring effectiveness of schools with different weightages:

Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment: With highest weightage of 40%, this domain is treated as the core domain consisting of teaching learning processes, learning outcomes, assessment practices, etc. that are used as a yardstick for determining quality of school education.

Infrastructure: Adequacy, Functionality & Aesthetics: Facilities provided by the school in the areas of space, safety requirements, health management, etc. ensuring the safety, security & clean environment for all students, carrying 10% weightage.

Human Resources: Adhering to major boundaries of recruitment ofadequate no. of staff first & then moving on to mandate Service Rules & Records, Recruitment Practices, Academic Supervision, etc keeping involved the stakeholders, family & community partnership, holding 10% weightage.

Inclusive Practices: With 10% of weightage, inclusive practices focuses on the fundamental changes that a school must bring in its systems to address the needs of every child while also creating an environment in which all students have an opportunity to flourish.

Management & Governance: Ensuring the full-fledged management & governance of Policies for institutional planning, conservative use of resources, etc within school to ensure efficiency aligned with the vision & mission of school, also carries a weighage of 10%.

Leadership: Focusing on the visionary leaders like Prinicipals & their role in creating plausible situations conducive to learning needs of all children, including those who are marginalized and differently abled stands with 10% weightage.

Beneficiary Satisfaction: Schools shall be successful in meeting this standard when they carry the understanding, commitment and support of all stakeholders with the weightage of 10% along with the benefits of involving all stakeholders in decision making, collaboration with stakeholders to support the improvement in student learning outcomes.

These domains are the key performance areas of school and are not independent of each other but interlinked and interdependent in a systematic and seamless manner constituting various sub-domains individually, ensuring uniformity in understanding across all users and stakeholders.

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