Transforming Education with SQAA


In an era where quality education is paramount, institutions are embracing frameworks like SQAA (School Quality Assessment and Assurance) to ensure excellence.

SQAA is a cutting-edge initiative designed to uplift the standards of educational institutions. It's a comprehensive framework that aims to assess and accredit schools based on key quality indicators, ensuring they provide the best possible education for our future leaders.

What is SQAA all about?

SQAA evaluates schools across various domains, including curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, and governance. It provides a holistic view of the institution's performance and helps identify areas for improvement. Accreditation under SQAA is a mark of excellence, a testament to a school's commitment to providing quality education.

Since the concept of quality is complex and has to be seen holistically, therefore, the standards should cover almost all the key performance areas of school and consider the satisfaction of all the stakeholders concerned. In the proposed SQAA Framework, the standards have been set in seven different domains of school functioning which are further subdivided into sub-domains detailing out the areas under them. Each standard has 4 levels of performance indicators consisting of 1500+ documents overall.

7. We, at Luneblaze assists the schools by providing:

  • 1. Sample Frameworks for the 1500+ Docs
  • 2. Software solution to record the Evidences regularly throughout the year & keep all the accreditation & assessment related data at one place.

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