Revolutionizing Education in Haryana: A Comprehensive Framework for School Assessment


In a groundbreaking move aimed at elevating the standard of school education in Haryana, the state government has introduced a cutting-edge seven-domain based assessment and accreditation system. Designed by the Department of School Education, the 'School Quality Assessment and Assurance Framework (SQAAF)' promises a holistic approach to evaluating the performance of both public and private primary and secondary schools.

This visionary initiative, aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, seeks to establish an effective quality self-regulation and accreditation system across all education stages. Emphasizing compliance with essential quality standards, the framework employs a meticulous evaluation process encompassing seven domains, 38 standards, and an impressive 160-plus indicators.

The assessment framework strategically allocates different weightages to each domain and standard, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of school performance. To maintain objectivity and credibility, the department is in the process of appointing third-party independent evaluators who will play a crucial role in validating schools' performances.

A significant aspect of the framework is its focus on the first domain, 'School Leadership and Management.' This sets the tone for assessing the overall quality of education provided by schools. Subsequent domains, namely 'Teaching and Learning,' 'Academic Progress,' and 'Holistic Development,' delve into objective parameters directly linked to student learning and achievement.

Furthermore, the framework addresses critical aspects such as 'Health and Safety' and 'School Infrastructure' under the fifth and sixth domains, enabling an assessment of a school's performance in providing a healthy and safe learning environment.

"The school will receive data-based reports about academic and administrative performances, thereby identifying improvement areas. Government officials will be able to pinpoint gaps and devise strategies to enhance the overall quality of education," affirmed an official involved in the implementation of this groundbreaking framework.

This commendable step by the Haryana government not only demonstrates a commitment to quality education but also reflects a proactive response to the evolving landscape of educational standards. As the state moves towards a more robust education system, the 'School Quality Assessment and Assurance Framework' is poised to be a game-changer.

Credit for this insightful news goes to Times of India.