Empowering Educational Excellence: NAAC and SQAA Accreditations Unveiled


In the realm of education, accreditation stands as a hallmark of distinction, reflecting the unwavering dedication and commitment of educational entities. Today, let’s delve into the realm of twor significant accreditation bodies: NAAC and SQAA.

1. NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council):
With highest weightage of 40%, this domain is treated as the core domain consisting of teaching learning processes, learning outcomes, assessment practices, etc. that are used as a yardstick for determining quality of school education.
Kudos to all the colleges and universities that have attained NAAC accreditation - your efforts shape the future of our nation’s education!

2. SQAA (School Quality Assessment and Assurance):
Facilities provided by the school in the areas of space, safety requirements, health management etc ensuring the safety, security & clean environment for all students carrying 10% weightage.

For schools, SQAA stands as a guiding force. Its accreditation signifies a commitment to nurturing young minds, fostering comprehensive education, and maintaining superior teaching and learning standards. Accredited schools form the bedrock of a well-rounded education system.

Hats off to the schools that have earned SQAA accreditation - you are nurturing the leaders of tomorrow!

Accreditations like NAAC and SQAA transcend mere recognition; they embody an unyielding pursuit of excellence. They ensure that educational institutions are equipped to empower students with knowledge, skills and values crucial for shaping their future.

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